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I’m Just a regular guy with a crappy boss. That’s most people, the difference with me is after dealing with him at work I get a chance to have hot butt naked sex with his wife for a few days out of the month. There is no greater feeling than to have her laying there with the puss just throbbing in anticipation!! I make her wait until she’s about to explode, then slipping it in and letting all that built up tension and aggression out on her, which of course she loves! The best part is we do this at their house, on their bed. It just makes it that more hot when my balls rub on the sheets, or when I use his pillow prop her ass up for some good ole fashion heels to heaven. I have to say if you combine it all together this is the hottest romp situation I’ve ever been in. I figure he will see these eventually, I did quit the job so I don’t get killed. Send me requests I’ll try to work it in but it’s really hidden so I’m limited in some ways.